A new complex and completely customizable Twitch Chat Game.

Below is the FAQ for the test version of Chat Monsters currently running in RyeMoes stream, if this sounds interesting to you, apply for the beta!

What are Chat Monsters?

Chat Monsters is custom chat game for viewers to play during stream. ┬áChat Monsters are creatures that spawn in chat during stream. You play as a Chat Monster Hunter and try to catch them! Your ultimate goal? You must obtain ev’ry one!

How do I catch a Chat Monster?

When a Chat Monster spawns in chat, simply type “!catch” to queue up for battle! The battle begins 60 seconds after a Chat Monster spawns!

How do I know which Chat Monsters I have already caught?

Simply check out the streamer’s custom Chat Monsters Website and press “Connect to Twitch” to see your Chat Monster Collection!

How do battles work?

Once the battle begins, the Chat Monster will reveal its defense, at which time the Hunters queued for battle reveal their attack.
Each Hunter with a higher attack than the Chat Monster’s defense will then duke it out against each other. (Tip: Type “!catch” as quickly as you can after a Chat Monster spawns because when the Hunters duke it out, your attack against other Hunters gets weaker the further down the list you are.)

How are defense and attack numbers calculated?

A Chat Monster’s defense is a number that comes from their level plus a single diceroll of 0-5.
A Hunter’s attack against a Chat Monster is a random diceroll of 1-10.
A Hunter’s attack against another Hunter is a random diceroll of 1-6 minus the number of hunters that were successful before you. (Ex. You are the 3rd person to type “!catch” with a higher attack than the Chat Monster’s defense, you roll a 6 against the other Hunters. Since there are 2 hunters that were faster than you, you lose 2 attack. Your total attack against other Hunters is 4.)

How can I catch a higher level Chat Monster when 10 is my highest possible attack?

You can buy power up items using your Pizza Rolls (in stream currency) to boost your attack against a Chat Monster.
To use the item, type “!catch itemname” when you queue up for battle.

How do I buy items, how much do they cost, how much attack do they add?

To buy an item, simply type “!buy itemname #” (# being how many you want to buy) in chat. Purchases are instant and cannot be refunded. Names, costs, and effects are listed below:

Item Cost Effect
SmallBox 100 +2 Attack to Chat Monsters
MediumBox 250 +4 Attack to Chat Monsters
LargeBox 500 +6 Attack to Chat Monsters
SuperBox 750 +8 Attack to Chat Monsters

What are the odds a certain Chat Monster will spawn?

During the testing period, only Chat Monsters from the Super Mario Bros franchise will spawn and rates are being experimented with. This will change on final release depending on the game currently being streamed.